A Loving Letter to Kasturba from Peshwar

[Kasturba's daughter-in-law Gulab had come to stay with her children in Sabarmati Ashram. When they left for Rajkot, Kasturba felt very lonely. She wanted to join Gandhiji who was in Nadiad for Kheda Satyagraha. Gandhiji counsels her from Nadiad.]

November 2, 1938


Only nine days remain now, and God willing, we shall meet. We shall leave for Segaon the same day. I forgot to reply to one remark in your letter. You said that while leaving I did not even put my hand on your head. As the motor started I also felt that, but you were away from me. Do you require outward signs? Why do you believe that because I do not show my love by outward signs, it has dried up? I assure you that my love has increased and goes on increasing. Not that it was less before, but what was there is becoming purer day by day. I do not look upon you merely as a clay doll. What more need I say? If you also, like...ask for outward signs, I will comply.

Blessings from