Bapu's Daily Routine In Sevagram

Gandhiji's Health Philosophy

4.00 Get up from bed
4.20 Morning community prayers, writing, work or rest
7.00 Breakfast, Morning walk (about 5 k.m.), Help in Ashram kitchen, Cleaning work,latrine cleaning, Utensils cleaning, Vegetable cutting, wheat grinding, etc.
8.30 Visitors, writing or reading work
9.30 Oil massage in the sunlight and tub-bath (shaving without glass or soap during tub-bath)
11.00 Lunch.


1.00 Correspondence, visitors.
4.30 Spinning.


5.00 Evening meals
6.00 Evening prayers (Prayers speech)
6.30 Evening walk for some time
9.00 Go to bed (He used to complete his pending work on Mondays by keeping silence).