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When The Tricolours Rise

Manognya Desai

My Country is drowned
In the oceans of scams &qmp; scandals
It is like an island submerged
In the waters of
Unsolved mysteries of crores
Unsolved miseries of crores
I know not when
My country will surface again
But now, my country is drowned.

My country is lost
No, not in woods
For virtually no woods are left
Neither "lovely" nor "dark" nor "deep"
And no one has any "promises to keep"
So there are miles and miles and "miles to go"
No, not "before I sleep"
Before my country finds its way
But now, my country is lost.

Though I know not when, know not how
I feel for sure
There will be a day
Not toooo faaar away
When my country will surface again
And find its way.

I seem to have faith
In millions and millions of
Thumping youth
And unhidden truth
There are people to hold
And workers to mould
Mould the future of my country.
And so, on the rooftops
When the tri-colours rise
I have hope in my eyes