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Non-violence - The Gandhian way

Bharti Mazumdar

"Resist tyranny wherever you find it by all means resist encroachment upon your liberty, but not by shedding the blood of the tyrant. This is not what is taught by our religion. Our Religion is based upon Ahimsa, which in its active form is nothing but love. Love not only your neighbours, not only your friends, but love even to those who many be your enemies'.

This was the message given by
humanity. He knew that he was not teaching something new; Being a firm believer in truth and non-violence, he applied it with utmost sincerity to tackle all problems faced by society. He strongly believed that ahimsa was not a weapon of the coward. Hence he clarified that 'I am not pleading for India to practice non-violence because she is weak. I want her to practice non-violence being conscious of her strength and power'.

He only wanted to diminish the gulf between, belief and behaviour. He wanted man to follow the relative truth persistently, which he called Satyagraha. Hence he fearlessly scattered the seeds of non-violence amidst the masses. Gandhiji trusted the people because it was his living faith that there was in every human being a spark of Divine which would respond to the call of love in action. So complete was his faith that he considered it a remedy against all social evils. The method is unique as it changes the whole atmosphere. It's success or failure is not to be judged in terms of victory or defeat of one part but in terms of change of heart of both. His efforts were for the change of heart rather than the breaking of heads. Gandhiji strongly believed that permanent good could never be the outcome of untruth and violence. Man has unsuccessfully tried to solve his problems and bring peace through violent methods. History is full of wars. One war sowing the seeds for another. Gandhiji wanted to reduce the desire for exploitation in the individual to the minimum level and bring out the goodness of human nature. He was an experimenter in the development of war without violence. With Gandhiji's experiments with the technique its character was broadened and refinements made and it has influenced the world at large. i.e. Negro struggle against segregation and discrimination in America. Struggle against Apartheid in South Africa.

The lover of peace said 'Do not kill the sinner. This will double the sins. Instead fight against the sin with all your determination and strength.