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To Reginald Reynolds

February 23, 1931

Camp Delhi,

February 23, 1931


I honour you for your long, frank and emphatic letter. It will help me to remain firm where firmness is required. Having said this let me tell you that I do not at all agree with you that I was wrong in suspending judgment or action pending the arrival of the three friends. Satyagraha can afford to wait. It can be gentle and should be gentle where gentleness is a duty. However mistaken their judgment may be found to be I regard these friends as equal lovers of their country with me. I have no business to judge me and by waiting I assure you that the cause has not suffered a bit. It may be that the friends there who are wholes hoggers may feel embarrassed to find me acting contrary to their expectation. But as time goes by you and they may discover many such shocks. I regard myself as a seasoned soldier in Satyagraha. I have acted before as I have acted now at similar critical junctures and I cannot recall a single occasion when the cause espoused had lost by waiting. On the contrary I can recall many occasion when the writing had proved fruitful. Let my assurance therefore be sufficient for you that so far as I am concerned there will be absolutely no surrender on principle, i.e., on the substantial part of the demand and I doubt not that there will be none on the part of the Congress. Remember too that Satyagraha is a method of carrying conviction and of converting by an appeal to reason and to the sympathetic chord in human beings. It relies upon the ultimate good in every human being, no matter how debased he may be for the time-being. If this does not satisfy you do all means strive with me. You are entitled to do so and demand satisfaction from me, I need not say a word about the brave manner in which you are fighting there. May God bless you and give you strength. Of the doing in Delhi I need not say nothing because the talks are still going on and I have no doubt that the able grams are keeping you informed of the doings from day to day. Anything therefore that I can say today would be out of date when this letter reaches you. What about your marriage?

With love,

Your sincerely,