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To Rabindranath Tagore

December 20, 1931November 10, 1931

(The letter is in late Mahadev Desai's handwriting, signed by Gandhi. "With deep love" & "Yours"-only these two lines are in Gandhi's own hand.) .

Yeravada Central Prison,

10 November 1932

Yeravada Central Prison,

Dear Gurudev,

You must have seen the statement I have circulated to the Press. I want your blessings if I can have them for this further effort. I do not know whether you feel that this effort is, if possible, purer than before. The last fast had a political tinge about .it and superficial critics were able to say that it was aimed at the British Government. This time if the ordeal has to come, it will-not be possible to give any political colour to it. You will of course recall that the last fast was broken on the clearest, possible ' notice that I might have to resume if there was any breach of faith by the so called caste Hindus.. The prospective fast about Guruvayyur Temple is absolutely a point of honour. It is being made by the orthodox section of the centre of attack and is being given an all India significance. I rather like it., But it makes it all the more necessary for the liberalizing influences to be collected together and set in motion in order to overthrow the monster of untouchability. I want your wholehearted cooperation if you feel as I do.

I hope you are keeping well.

With deep love,