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To Kakasaheb Kalelkar

November 14, 1924

Kartik Vad 3

(November 14, 1924)


After writing an article for the Kelavani issue I have started thinking more about children's education. Can't we try it on the Ashram children? That is, if the ideas stated there appeal to you. A child calls a pot a pot, but he may not draw a picture of it. Similarly he may read the alphabet but may not draw pictures of the letters. A child hears a new word before he reads it, and before he pronounces it or rather repeats it as he hears it. Why should we stop Lakshmi, Rasik and the other children from writing and teach them first to draw? Could we not give them a good many things orally? Just now they should use the hand for drawing only. For this the teacher should know the rudiments of drawing. I am going deeper into the subject and hence stop here. For the present just think over it. More when we meet.

Blessings from,