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To Jawaharlal Nehru

March 9, 1936


March 9, 1936


So you return leaving Kamala for ever in Europe. And yet her spirit was never out of India and will always be your precious treasure as it will be of many of us. I shall never forget the final talk that wetted our four eyes. Heavy responsibility awaits you here. It is laid on you because you are well able to bear it. I dare not come to you, as I would have if my body had regained its original elasticity. There is nothing organically wrong with me. The body has even gained in weight. But it has lost the vitality it seemed to have only three months ago.

Strange to say, I never felt any illness. And yet the body had become weak and the instrument registered high blood-pressure. I have to be careful. I am in Delhi to rest for a few days. If your original plan had been carried out I would have remained in Wardha for our meeting. It would have been quieter there for you. But if it is the same thing to you, we may meet in Delhi where I should be till 23rd instant at least. But if you prefer Wardha I can return there earlier. If you come to Delhi, you could stay with me in the Harijan quarters newly built in Kingsway—quite a good place. You will tell me, when you can, the date of our meeting. Rajendra Babu and Jamnalalji are or will be with you. Vallabhbhai also would have been but we all thought it would be better if he stayed away. The other two have gone there not for political discussion but for condolence. The political discussion will take place when we have all met and when you have finished domestic work.

I hope Indu bore well the grief of Kamala’s death and the almost immediate separation from you. What is her address?

May everything be well with you.



1. Omission as in the source

2. The convocation was held on March 9, 1936, at Kangri.