CHRONOLOGY Mahatma Gandhi

Years of Arrests & Imprisonment of Mahatma Gandhi


10th January

Arrested for failing to register or to leave Transvaal and sentenced to two months simple imprisonment.
On 30th January, following a compromise, he was released.

7th October

While returning from Natal, as he was unable to show his registration, which he had burnt, his sentence was imprisonment with hard labour.

25th February

Arrested, sentenced for 3 months imprisonment at Transvaal for not producing registration certificate.

6th November

After the 'great march' he was arrested at Palm Ford, released on 7th on bail furnished by Kallenbach.

8th November

Again arrested and released on bail.

9th November

Arrested and sentenced to nine months imprisonment. At Volkhurst sentenced for further three months. But unexpectedly released on 18 December, 1913.


16th April

While touring Champaran served with a notice to leave the district but was not arrested.

10th April

Arrested at Palwal on his way to Amritsar and was taken back to Bombay where he was released on 11 April.

10th March

Arrested near Sabarmati Ashram for writing three articles in Young India. Sentenced to six years imprisonment. Released from Yervada prison on 5 February, 1924 unconditionally after an operation on 12 January, 1924

5th May

At 12.45 a.m. arrested at Karadi near Dandi for violating Salt Law, without trail was imprisoned and released on 26 January, 1931 unconditionally.

4th January

Arrested in Bombay at 3 a.m. and taken Yervada Jail. On 8 May, 1933 as he started fast was released at 6 p.m.

1st August

Arrested early morning at Bombay following his March toward Rass and released on 4 August at 9 a.m. and was asked to leave Yervada limits by 9.30 a.m. Did not comply, so arrested on 4th at 9.50 a.m. and sentenced to one year imprisonment.
Started fast on 16th August and was released unconditionally on 23 August due to serious health condition.

9th August

Arrested under Defense of India Rules in the early hours of the morning following 'Quit India' resolution and was lodge in Agakhan Palace Jail. Released unconditionally at 8 a.m. on 6 May, 1944.