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Chronology / Time Line
Chronicle showing where Gandhi was on his birthday
from 1915 to 1947.

[Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 at Porbunder]

2nd October, 1915


2nd October, 1916


2nd October, 1917


2nd October, 1918

Ahmedabad -   Gandhiji not well, had a severe attack of dysentery. He wrote letter to Harilal & Devdas.

2nd October, 1919

Bombay -    Gandhiji attended reception at Vanita Vishram Hall of Bhagini Samaj and received purse containing Rs. 20,100.

Addressed meeting of Muslim students in evening.

Telegraphed to Viceroy to decide early removal of ban on Gandhi's entry to Punjab.

2nd October, 1920

Bombay - attended A.I.C.C. It was decided to collect Tilak Swaraj Fund.

2nd October, 1921

Bombay - At Mani Bhavan, wrote in Navajivan on "My Loin-cloth".

Sent on his birthday a message on swadeshi to the Bhagini Samaj, Bombay.

2nd October, 1922

Yervada Jail

2nd October, 1923

Yervada Jail

2nd October, 1924

Delhi - Was observing 21 days' fast as a penance for communal riots.

2nd October, 1925

Bhagalpur - Addressed women at Public meeting.

2nd October, 1926

Ahmedabad - Muriel Lester called in.

2nd October, 1927

Virudhunagar - gave interviews to Rev. J. Himmer-strand and Non-Brahmin Youth League.

Spoke at public meeting.

2nd October, 1928


2nd October, 1929

Gazipur - Addressed by Municipality.

2nd October, 1930

Yervada Jail

2nd October, 1931

London - Give interview to the Jewish Chronicle.

Talked to Henry Carter on prohibition.

Independent Labour Party, Indian National Congress, League and the Gandhi Society arranged a birthday luncheon for Gandhiji at Westminster Palace rooms.

At Minorities Conference, London, Gandhiji opposed special representation to Depressed Classes.

Spoke at women’s reception arranged by Women’s Indian Association at Central Y.M.C.A., London.

The Vegetarian Society of Norway elected Gandhi as honorary member.

2nd October, 1932

Yervada Jail - K. Kelappan broke his fast in the morning.

Gandhiji issued statement to the Press on temple-entry.

2nd October, 1933


2nd October, 1934

Wardha - "As it is not possible for me to send individual acknowledgements to the many senders of telegraphic and other messages on my 66th birthday from several parts of the world, I beg publicly to tender my thanks to all the senders of their good wishes".- Gandhi's message was published in Bombay Chronicle, 7-10-34.

2nd October, 1935

Wardha -  Gandhiji’s sixty-seventh birthday celebrated.

Italy invaded Abyssinia.

2nd October, 1936


2nd October, 1937

Seagaon - 

On his 69th birthday Gandhiji sent message to Friends of India Society, London.

2nd October, 1938

Delhi - On Oct.1, Friends of Indian Society, London, suggested Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi for Nobel Prize.

2nd October, 1939

Delhi - Alighted Nizam-ud-din Station.

Put up at Birla House; discussion with Rajendra Prasad and Jawaharlal Nehru before their meeting with Viceroy.

2nd October, 1940

Wardha -  Spoke before Gram Sudhar Samiti.

Sevagram -  Students of Mahila Ashram in Wardha came to wish long life..

2nd October, 1941

Sevagram -  Mahila Ashram presented Dhoti woven by themselves.

2nd October, 1942

Agakhan Palace - Jail: Jail Superintendent Kateli brought garland and 74 rupees.

Took little ice-cream prepared out of goat's milk. Few days earlier on Sept. 26, 1942, he took ice cream for the first time after 30 years. It was Sarojini Naidu's birthday.

2nd October, 1943

Agakhan Palace Jail -  (Last birthday with Kasturba;  she died on February 22,1944.)

2nd October, 1944

Sevagram - 

Birthday greetings poured in: one from George Bernard Shaw.

Gandhiji addressed Kasturba National Memorial Trust meeting; received purse of Rs. 80 lakhs.

2nd October, 1945


2nd October, 1946

Delhi - Discussion with Nawab of Bhopal.

2nd October, 1947

Delhi -  On his 78th birthday when advised by doctors to take penicillin, declared that Ramanama was his sole remedy.

This was Gandhi's last birthday. He was assassinated on Jan. 30, 1948.



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